The devastating man-made holocaust of World War II was fought by the greatest number of men in the history of civilization over the largest area of the world's surface. Nations of diverse beliefs joined forces in a time of trouble to withstand and finally triumph over monstrous tyrannies that would have returned man to the jungle. The cost in human casualties and property damage was astronomical, almost incredible. The purpose of this course is to present in concise form the dramatic story from Warsaw to Tokyo Bay of this greatest of all wars; to describe in simple terms the causes of the conflict, the long, bitter complicated struggle itself, and the results. Our accent will be on the essential: on the most important events, incidents, trends and personalities.


Professor Rose graduated in 1954 with a BS from the School of Engineering of Yale University. He received his MA in 1969 and his PhD in International Relations in 1978, both from New York University.

He served as an officer in the US Air Force on active duty from 1954 to 1956 and in the Air Force Reserve until 1965, when he resigned as a Captain. In 1993 the US Navy awarded him the Superior Public Service Medal. He received the Outstanding Civilian Service Medal from the US Army in 2004.

In 1956 Prof. Rose became a partner of Rose Associates, a real estate investment and management firm which owns and operates residential and commercial properties in the New York metropolitan area.

Prof. Rose became an Adjunct Associate Professor of military history at New York University in 1983. He has been a Visiting Lecturer at Yale University, Columbia University and the University of Maryland. He has lectured at a number of educational institutions both nationally and internationally, including the US Military Academy at West Point and the US Naval Academy at Annapolis. Prof. Rose received the Outstanding Teacher award from New York University in 2002.

Prof. Rose serves on several institutional Boards of Directors, including WNET Channel 13, the Lincoln Center Theater, the International Center of Photography and the National Museum of American History of the Smithsonian Institution. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Prof. Rose resides in Manhattan, is married to the former Susan Wechsler and is the father of three daughters.