Movie Reference

A selection of excellent DVDs is available for your use. Please keep them no longer than two weeks.

All Quiet on the Western Front

World War I classic

Paths of Glory

World War I

A Very Long Engagement

World War I

Saving Private Ryan

D-Day and Normandy campaign


Battle of the Bulge


Film biography of the famous US general

12 O’clock High

European bombing Campaign

The Guns of Naverone

British commandos in Greece




Romantic classic must-see

Das Boot (The Boat)

German U-Boat warfare

In Which We Serve

British Navy at war

The Cruel Sea

British Navy at War

The Enemy Below

U-Boat vs. American destroyer


Last Days of Hitler



Europa Europa


Schlindler’s List


The Pianist


Judgment at Nuremberg

Post war trial of German judges

Enemy at the Gates

Battle of Stalingrad


Battle of Stalingrad

Cross of Iron

German soldiers in battle

The Bridge on the River Kwai

Japanese Prisoner of War camp

Stalag 17

German Prisoner of War camp

The Colditz Story

POW Escape

The Great Escape

POW escape

Best Years of Our Lives

Post-war readjustment of returning veterans


Triumph of the Will

Classic documentary of Hitler’s rise

The Battle of the Bulge

Story of the battle

The Nuremberg Trials

Postwar trials of German leaders

The Sorrow and the Pity

Life in France under German occupation

Rosie the Riveter

American Women at war


Japanese suicide flyers

The best documentary series by far is the World at War in 26 hour-long segments, narrated by Laurence Olivier; intelligent and objective; well worth seeing. Somewhat dated but still enjoyable is the Victory at Sea series about the US Navy; you’ll enjoy the score by Richard Rogers. You will also enjoy Band of Brothers.